Personal Injury Cases Are Complicated, TrakCharts Makes Them Simple

Visualize every step a client takes from the moment of their accident/injury to treatments with all their providers. Track clinical records, legal procedures, and more.


Referral Management
Patient Engagement
Integrated Scheduling

a central database for attorneys, medical providers and patients

Review docs
Access Client's Medical Records
Analyze patient treatments
Visualize Client's Medical Treatments
Comprehensive notification system
Get notified Of Client's Missed Visits

Streamline Your Medical Records Collection.

TrakCharts revolutionizes the way attorneys compile a medical history for PIP clients and track referrals.

See all the medical facilities your client treated with, access their medical records or contact the facility with a click of a button.

Manage referrals and update case managers without back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

Gathering medical records has never been this easy.

  • Get notified of client’s medical treatments
  • Manage client case with easy access to all medical records across all providers
  • Eliminate follow-up phone call and emails from and to medical providers and case managers
  • Generate a complete client history narrative with all treatments with medical reports arranged in chronological order with a click of a button.
  • Have a complete rolodex of all providers and caregivers. Connect with them via phone, SMS or email
  • Give one time access to other attorneys for review client charts
Medical providers

Map your patients.

TrakCharts streamlines medical record exchange between all medical facilities in a patient’s treatment lifecycle.

Coordinate the most effective care for patients by easily identifying gaps, minimizing costs for them, and follow-up with patients for effective treatment.

Access all of patients’ medical records on desktop or mobile app.

  • A centralized scheduling calendar to manage all of patient appointments across multiple medical providers
  • Capture patient initial evaluation along with patient demographics and health history
  • Central repository of all patient documents
  • A complete medical record showing patient care in chronological order
  • Create your own network of doctor and physicians that you work with to give quality care to your patients
  • Get real time access to medical reports from other providers
  • Eliminate redundancies when patients are visiting different medical providers
  • Manage all referrals and in-office visits
  • TeleHealth features available to communicate with patients via a mobile device
  • E-prescribe medications
  • Expose calendars to other providers and other entities on as-need-basis
For patients

Never Miss A Medical Appointment Again

TrakCharts allows patients to access their medical records securely and obtain real-time reminders of appointments.

Securely communicate with your doctors.

  • Get reminders and notifications of upcoming medical visits.
  • Securely communicate with your doctors and medical providers.
  • Securely access your medical records.


TrakCharts easily integrates with your EMR/EHR.

Access all of patients’ medical records on desktop or mobile app.

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